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Testimonials from past students

Ben O'Regan

Ben commenced training with the Aero Club in 2005 while in year 11 at the Rockhampton Grammar School. He passed the Air Force flight screening program and interview in 2006, but then decided instead to pursue Qantas, completing his Private Pilots Licence in early 2007, followed by Night VFR and Commercial Licence by the end of the year. Ben won the club's 2007 Pilot of the Year award before joining the Qantas cadetship in 2008, and is now the youngest Second Officer in Qantas, flying the Airbus 330 out of Sydney. "The Rockhampton Aero Club provided a fantastic learning environment in which to gain my Pilots Licence and I could not have got to the position I am in today without the support of my parents and the excellent training from the Aero Club Instructors."

Aurora Smith

Aurora joined the Aero Club at the start of 2009 after completing a TIF with us. She conducted lessons after work and on the weekends, and quickly completed her first solo and then GFPT and PPL in 2010. Since then, she has also obtained her Retractable Undercarriage and Manual Propeller Pitch Control endorsements. Aurora is a regular attendee of our club BBQ's and events. "When I made a New Year's resolution to get my Private Pilot's License I was lucky enough to be supported by my husband in seeing my wish come true.  I joined the Rockhampton Aero Club as a student in 2009 and with the great team of professional instructors motivating me to believe in myself I achieved my license in June 2010.  The club is a fun and friendly place where I have met interesting people who encourage me to continue in my adventures.  The instructors have become good friends who are still interested in my progress and continue to encourage me to follow my dreams. Thank you Rocky Aero Club."

Joelene Buntain

Joelene commenced her flying training with the club in 2004 when she was 16.  After completing a Bachelors’ degree at CQ University in Rockhampton, she moved to Melbourne to continue her studies.  In 2006 she was the recipient of the Zonta Club’s Amelia Earhart Young Woman Pilot Award flying bursary and in 2008 went on to gain her Private Pilot Licence and Night VFR rating.  She has also completed a formation flying endorsement and is a regular attendee of our flying competitions throughout the year. “I find it pretty amazing that I was able to fly a plane before I could legally drive a car. Over the past six years while learning to fly at the Rocky Aero Club I’ve achieved some great things that someone my age wouldn’t have thought about doing. I’ve also made good friends with the other pilots at the club and although I didn’t pursue flying as a career, it’s a passion of mine that I can fulfill for the rest of my life”.

Nick Keating

In 2003, Nick started training in his fathers aircraft with the Rockhampton Aero Club while still attending the Rockhampton Grammar School. He went solo on his sixteenth birthday and continued on to gain his Private Pilots Licence in 2007. While working for Qantaslink at the Rockhampton Airport, he managed to fit in time to complete his night VFR rating for single and multi-engine aircraft. In 2009 he completed his Commercial Pilots Licence with the club and won the prestigious Pilot of the Year award. He completed a Flying Instructor rating in 2010 in Port Macquarie and has now come back to the club to join the team of professional instructors and charter pilots. Nick hopes to further his knowledge and experience and is working towards gaining his Multi Engine Command Instrument rating. "Without the help from my parents and Instructors of the Rockhampton Aero Club, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Having a family owned aircraft made my training a lot easier and really made me strive to achieve my best. By training with the club instructors, I really feel like I’ve become the best pilot I can be and want to pass that on to further students."