Off Canoona Rd, Rockhampton Airport, Rockhampton QLD
(07) 4922 4596

RPL & Private Licence


Your flying starts right here with the RPL. This is the first stage of your flying training which, once achieved, will allow you to take family and friends on flights into the local training area. With permission from an authorised flying instructor, you will also be able to fly over the scenic Capricorn Coast.

The RPL flight training teaches you the skills necessary to safely operate an aircraft in and around the Rockhampton area. The self-paced training is conducted in either our Cessna 172P or 172SP aircraft.

No previous flying experience is required, just a burning desire to see the world from a different perspective.



Have you ever wanted to see the whales off Fraser Island, have lunch in Bundaberg and afternoon tea at Great Keppel Island and still be home for the 6 o’clock news?  You could fly to Brisbane in a few hours or even fly your family to Hamilton Island for the weekend.




The Private Pilots Licence opens up the entire continent of Australia for you and your passengers to explore. Using the Cessna 172, the self-paced training builds upon the skills you developed for the RPL as we teach you both visual navigation using a map and compass, as well as more advanced navigation using ground based radio aids and GPS.