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Instrument Rating – IFR


Don’t get grounded by low clouds and rain. The instrument rating will allow you to fly in and out of cloud, and conduct approaches at aerodromes using nothing but your instruments to get you to a lower altitude, and increase your chances of landing safely.
You will fly a combination of simulators and aircraft during your training.
Both single-engine and multi-engine IFR options are available, including a Private IFR (PIFR) if you desire. Discuss these options with your Instructor.


Instructor Rating


Do you enjoy teaching? Ever thought you could teach someone else to fly? Step into the right hand seat of a Cessna, and now enhance your skills so that you can not only fly, but also accurately demonstrate and talk a student through a sequence of flight.
The Instructor Rating is a good stepping stone into the Aviation Industry. A good way to build hours, gain experience, meet new people and if you are keen on working for an Airline, the Instructor rating is a well respected role in the Check & Training part of the airlines.


Night VFR Rating


This rating expands your horizons even further and allows you to fly visually at night. The training focuses more on the use of the aircraft’s instruments and radio navigation aids, while also teaching you the hazards of “spatial disorientation”.