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The Efforts to locate a permanent aerodrome site in Rockhampton had been proceeding for a number of years in the 1920s. The City Council and the Federal Government, however, could not come to an arrangement as to a suitable site. Prior to 1930, a number of locations within the city had been used for the operation of aircraft, all on a non-official basis and none suitable for long term use.


In 1929, the lease to a former racecourse, Connor Park, was acquired by a number of aspiring aviators, and they set about making it suitable for aircraft. The Rockhampton Aero Club was formed on 9 February 1930 and announced that flying training would commence at the location. The aerodrome was officially opened as Connor Park Aerodrome on 2 March 1930. A few weeks later, the aerodrome was again officially opened as Rockhampton Aerodrome, and the first passenger aircraft, a Fokker monoplane, Star of Cairns, landed.


First formed in 1930 as Rockhampton Aerial Services, the Rockhampton Aero Club started flying training in a DeHavilland Gypsy Moth. Following a period of inactivity during the Second World War, the club was reformed in January 1947 and in 1951 purchased surplus Tiger Moths and started flying training once more.


In 1960 the club purchased their first Cessna aircraft, a C150 and a C172. Today we operate a fleet of  single engine and twin-engine aircraft in a variety of roles including flight training, air charter and photographic and scenic flights.

Operating out of a variety of buildings since its inception, the Aero Club moved into its current premises on Canoona Road in March 2003.

Our team of experienced, professional flying instructors come from a variety of backgrounds across the country and are only too happy to share their wealth of information with you.

From Gypsy Moths to the Cessna 172, the Aero Club has continued to provide quality aerial services to the people of the Central Queensland.




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