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Commercial Pilot Licence

Commercial Pilot Licence


A career as a commercial pilot is unique to any other job in the world. Few industries can offer the excitement and diversity that is experienced in aviation. Should you desire to work with an airline or the general aviation sector, there are jobs to suit everyone.

The initial stages of your training will generally follow the same path, regardless of your ultimate goals. You must initially complete your GFPT and PPL before commencing further training for your CPL. While the CPL stages of your training are challenging, they are also very enjoyable. You are required to complete 200 hours flying prior to undertaking a flight test, with 100 hours of this as pilot in command. This allows you to make full use of your PPL and fly anywhere you like in order to build the required experience. You will also need to sit seven CPL theory exams which can be easily home studied through the use of comprehensive text books.

Your instructor will help you select the theory course that is right for you.  Upon completion of the flight test, you will be issued with a CPL and this allows you to work professionally as a pilot for pay/reward. Generally though, further training is required before you will be able to commence work. A Command Instrument Rating is beneficial if you wish to obtain work as a charter pilot, while many people will undertake a Flight Instructors Rating so they can share their skills with others. Its up to you as to which path you will take.



A common misconception is, that after completing a CPL, airlines will be ready to hire you right away. This is not the case. A pilot will generally have to spend a number of years working in the general aviation sector before offered the opportunity to work with a regional or major airline. General aviation provides an excellent opportunity for pilots to gain experience and fine tune their flying skills. The sector involves many different lines of work from scenic flights in single engine aircraft to long distance charter in complex multi-engine planes.

Obtaining a Flight Instructors Rating will not only sharpen your own skills, but provide you with a valuable qualification that allows you to teach others to fly. It is a qualification that is highly regarded when you do eventually apply for a job at an airline.

The “required” minimums differ for each airline, however practically one shouldn’t expect an airline position until they have in the region of 2000 hours experience.


Learning at Rockhamptonrok1

Rockhampton offers a unique learning environment that is highly beneficial for those wishing to complete a CPL. Rockhampton Airport is one of the busiest regional airports in Australia, exposing students to airline and charter operations as well as flying in and out of controlled airspace. That said, the airport is also quiet enough to minimise any delays that are frequently experienced at the busy training airports in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.  The team of instructors at The Rockhampton Aero Club have vast amounts of experience with both general aviation and airline training and can help with any questions you might have regarding your career in aviation.